Friday, 10 April 2009

Whitefriars Soda Glass, pattern 9593

In 1962 the Whitefriars factory introduced their soda glass range with many new designs and three new colours, Midnight Blue, Amethyst & Shadow Green. Due to the nature of hand made items such as these, the thickness of the glass varies considerably, and this can make colour identification quite tricky. One of the most pleasing and more unusual shapes was the rather ecclesiastically shaped pattern 9593 chalice, and this photo depicts the three colours rather well.

The lightweight soda glass used is very delicate and prone to scratches, but on the flip side, watermarks are easily removed with a solution of water and vinegar, and the use of magic balls (small copper balls), placed into the vase with the water/vinegar and swirled around. This trio from my personal collection are in 1st class condition, certainly for their 45+ years they are doing better than me for signs of wear!

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