Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Whitefriars for sale or trade, and Wanted's

Here is a list of items we have for sale/trade, with a Wanted list below. We have more glass than space to display it and we hate to think of it sitting in boxes and would rather it was able to be appreciated properly.

We will be attending the Cambridge Glass Fair in Feb 2009, bringing a small brood to help out with the Whitefriars Duck display, and dependent on how much interest (how much space left in the car), we are happy to bring along items which people are interested in buying/swapping. Much of this is currently boxed so please do email us using the link below, and we will find, photograph and email details (including any imperfections found) and answer any questions.

Suffice to say, apart from a little box dust, from memory all these items are in excellent condition and have normal, or less than, shelf wear. Of course you can appraise them yourself at Cambridge under no obligation. We are realists, any sensible offer considered.

Tim & Anita

Whitefriars For Sale, or Trade for Wanted items.
Pewter 7.5" bark 9690
Twilight M91 Sundae glasses, original boxed set with WF glass pamphlet insert
No.3 Slab Arctic Blue 7x7
No.2 slab Flame 3x7
No.6 slab Flint 3x7
Meadow Green slab, colour sample 7x7 (purchased from Country Seat)
Aubergine 6" Random strap 9802
Flint 2.5" paperweight 9308
Kingfisher 5.75" Finger 9729
Heather 7" knobbly 9844 (two 1mm dings)
Sapphire 4.5" ashtray 9017
Twilight 9732 larger posy vase with monk & pattern labels

Whitefriars Wanted, either trade for above or purchase.
Ducks, 7" Golden Amber, 5.5" & 7" Flint, 5.5" Twilight, all in the older style, more upright stance and slender body with polished beak, would trade 5.5" Sapphire Blue old style duck
6" Swans, Ruby, Amber, Amethyst
9851 bubbles and swirls paperweights (pref not pink swirls)
9850 paperweights
9893 & 9894 paperweights
9720 dish Kingfisher
9720, 9721 dish Tangerine
9474 Shadow Green soda tulip vase
9591 Shadow Green soda shaker vase
9471 posy vases, what colour(s) do you have as I might have missed one!

Sorry, none of the 90+ ducks for sale, however, we have some duplicates and if you have a large old style Flint or Amber, or a small old style Flint, we might be tempted to swap for old style ducks we have 2 or more of. By old style we mean pre 1960 with more upright stance, slender body, pointy tail and polished beak.
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